Fibrillar coating of functionalized silk

Our functionalized silk proteins assemble efficiently into a very stable fibrillar coating on a solid surface made of e.g. Polymers (PTFE, PS), metals (steel, titanium, gold), ceramics (hydroxyapatite).
Thereby the incorporated functional module (e.g. affinity domain, antimicrobial enzyme/peptide) is efficiently immobilized and exposed in its active form.
This is thus a convenient strategy to functionalize materials of any dimensions.

Spiber Technologies provides evaluation service of your protein of interest together with our SolvNT® technology.

Self-assembly of recombinant silk as a strategy for chemical-free formation of bioactive coatings: a real-time study

Nilebäck, L., Hedin, J., Widhe, M., Floderus, L., Krona, A., Bysell, H., Hedhammar, M.

(2017) BioMacromolecules, 18(3), pp. 846-854


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