The unique Spiber® material

Spiber® is a biomaterial made of recombinant spider silk protein with a unique set of properties. It combines silk’s inherent material properties, such as high tensile strength and high elasticity, with biomaterial control and technological flexibility stemming from recombinant production.

Spiber® – for optimal function

Spiber® can be processed into a variety of formats and equipped with functional properties that fit many applications

  • Examples of Spiber® formats: fiber, film, foam and coating
  • Several bioactive molecules, e.g. cell adhesion sites, affinity domains, enzymes and growth factors, have been connected to Spiber® through genetic modification.
Spiber® – for biomedical applications

Spiber® integrates in biological systems with good biocompatibility

  • Human primary cells attach firmly and proliferate with maintained function
  • By-products from recombinant production, e.g. endotoxins, are efficiently removed
  • Subcutaneous implantation in rats shows good biocompatibility

About Spiber

Spiber Technologies AB is a research-based biotech company developing technologies based on the recombinant spider silk proteins Spiber® and SolvNT™.