About Spiber

Spiber Technologies AB is a research-based biotech company developing technologies based on the recombinant spider silk proteins Spiber® and SolvNT®.

By imitating Nature’s high-performance fiber, the spider silk, we gain basic knowledge about protein folding into strong, elastic and biocompatible materials. Moreover, we are using genetic engineering to incorporate foreign elements to add desired biochemical functions to the silk materials. Our main focus is on developing protein-based materials with advanced functions for biomedical and life science applications.

We collaborate with world leading academic research institutes and pharmaceutical corporations. Our goal is to license separate technologies but also to develop selected end-products ourselves.

Spiber Technology AB welcomes further opportunities to collaborate with biotech companies as well as academic institutions for joint development of new applications.

Spiber Technology AB was founded in 2008. The company is privately owned. Our R&D and production units are located at AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Featured Videos

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