Our bioactive silk proteins assemble into microfibers mimicking the extracellular matrix (ECM).
The process is efficiently performed also in the presence of cells in culture media, to quickly and mildly integrate cells into various 3D networks resembling their natural in vivo environment.

  • Strong and elastic microfibers mimicking ECM
  • Efficient integration of cells in 3D networks
  • Incorporated cell adhesion motif from fibronectin
  • Easy to add other ECM components, e.g. laminins and/or growth factors
  • Easy to co-culture several cell types


Mesenchymal stem cells were cultured for 3 days in 3D BioSilk. (blue - nuclei, green - cytoskeleton)

Assembly of functionalized silk together with cells to obtain proliferative 3D cultures integrated in a network of ECM-like microfibers
Johansson, U., Widhe, M., Shalaly, N. D., Arregui, I. L., Nilebäck, L., Tasiopoulos, C. P., Åstrand, C., Berggren, P.-O., Gasser, C., Hedhammar, M.
(2019) Scientific Reports, 9:6291


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