Spiber® biomaterial
A novel technology to functionalize spider silk protein

Spiber® is a biomaterial made of recombinant spider silk protein with a unique set of properties. Spiber® can be processed into a variety of two- and three-dimensional formats equipped with functional properties that are ideal for cell culturing and many other biomedical applications.

The genetic construct of spider silk proteins, the possibility to modify and functionalize these, as well as recombinant production and formation into silk materials, are all part of our technology.





Spiber SolvNT®
A novel technology to produce reluctant proteins by enhancing their solubility

The SolvNT® technology enables production of target proteins that are difficult to produce, such as membrane peptides and intrisically disordered proteins. SolvNT® also has the ability to keep various kinds of proteins soluble at high concentrations.

Spiber Technologies AB provides evaluation service of your protein of interest together with our SolvNT® technology.


Spiber Technologies AB and Biolamina AB sign an exclusive sale and marketing deal for the unique BioSilk product

We are happy to announce that our research collaboration with Biolamina AB has resulted in a unique BioSilk product. Our technology offers a biorelevant way to culture primary cells (incl. stem cells) in a 3D environment, to make complex tissue-models. The Biosilk products will be launched at the International Society of Stem Cell Research annual conference in Los Angeles at the end of June. The products will then be available for our global customers through the BioLamina webshop.

About Spiber

Spiber Technologies AB is a research-based biotech company developingthe technologies Spiber and SolvNT, based on recombinant spider silk proteins.


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