Recombinant Spider Silk as Mediator for One‐Step, Chemical‐Free Surface Biofunctionalization

Horak, J., Jansson, R., Dev, A., Nilebäck, L., Behnam, K., Linnros, J., Hedhammar, M., Karlström, A. E.
(2018) Advanced Functional Materials, 1800206,

Recombinant spider silk functionalized with a motif from fibronectin mediates cell adhesion and growth on polymeric substrates by entrapping cells during self-assembly

Tasiopoulos, C. P., Widhe, M., Hedhammar, M.
(2018) ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, article ASAP

Silk-silk interactions between silkworm fibroin and recombinant spider silk fusion proteins enable construction of bioactive materials

Nilebäck, L., Chouhan, D., Jansson, R., Widhe, M., Mandal, B., Hedhammar, M.
(2017) ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces9 (37), pp 31634–31644

Efficient protein production inspired by how spiders make silk

Kronqvist, N., Sarr, M., Lindqvist, A., Nordling, K., Otikovs, M., Venturi, L., Pioselli, B., Purhonen, P., Landreh, M., Biverstål, H., Toleikis, Z., Sjöberg, L., Robinson, C.V., Pelizzi, N., Jörnvall, H., Hebert, H., Jaudzems, K., Curstedt, T., Rising, A., Johansson, J.
(2017) Nature communications 8:15504

Ultrastrong and Bioactive Nanostructured Bio-Based Composites

Mittal, N., Jansson, R., Widhe, M., Benselfelt, T., Håkansson, K.M.O., Lundell, F., Hedhammar, M., Söderberg, L.D.
(2017) ACS Nano, 11 (5), pp 5148–5159

Self-assembly of recombinant silk as a strategy for chemical-free formation of bioactive coatings: a real-time study

Nilebäck, L., Hedin, J., Widhe, M., Floderus, L., Krona, A., Bysell, H., Hedhammar, M.
(2017) BioMacromolecules, 18(3), pp. 846-854

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